Flat Rate: $300 for a full day shoot (6+ hrs), and $20/hr for time spent editing the project.

Package Deal: Based on the array of different services I offer, and how many are going to be included in the production.

Services: (video, photo, drone work, licensed music, voice over) + editing

Basic- 1 service ($300)

Standard- 2 services ($400)

Advanced- 3 services ($500)

Premium- 4+ services ($600+)

Real estate videos

Property videos will typically fall into a package deal, depending on the services you want to include. However, pricing will also depend on some key factors of the property itself, and I will provide a quote after reviewing the property you have in mind for the video. Place an order to receive an estimate!

All Other services

Depends on the details of your desired production. Place an order to receive an estimate!

Uploading Videos Online


Format: H.264 with ACC-LC audio in MP4 format

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (non-16:9 will be processed and displayed with pillar boxes)

  • Frame Rate: 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60fps

  • Audio: 96khz or 48khz

  • Max Length: 15 mins (unverified), 11 hours (verified)

  • Max Size: 128 GB

Ideal Length: ~3 minutes


Format: H.264

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 most common, but accepts all ratios

  • Frame Rate: 60fps and lower

  • Audio: AAC-LC, 320 kbit/s, 48khz

  • Max Length: No limit, data based

  • Max Size: 500MB a week (non-Plus account), 5GB a week (Plus account)

Ideal Length: 3-5 minutes+


Format: H.264 with ACC audio in MOV or MP4 format

  • Aspect Ratio: No larger than 1280px wide and divisible by 16px

  • Frame Rate: At or below 30fps

  • Audio: 44,100hz

  • Max Length: 120 minutes

  • Max Size: 4 GB

Ideal Length: 30-60 seconds


Format: H.264 in MP4 format

  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1 (square) or 1.9:1 (landscape)

  • Frame Rate: 30fps max

  • Audio: Stereo AAC audio compression, 128kbps + preferred

  • Max Length: 60 seconds (15 seconds for IG story vids)

  • Max Size: 4GB

Ideal Length: 15-60 seconds

Real Estate Videos

Staging the property

Despite my role in creating aesthetically pleasing real estate videos, I am not a home stager, designer, decorator, or cleaner. Your listing should be video-ready when I arrive the day of the shoot. Due to liability purposes, I am not permitted to touch or move any furniture, appliances, decor, or personal items around the home. I ask that you have the seller(s) remove any personal hygiene items from the bathroom counters, shelves, and/or bathtubs as well. 

Once the property is 'minimalist' and video-ready, it is also important to highlight the property's key features and special amenities. Please turn on all the interior and exterior lights, as well as ceiling fans, lamps, fireplaces, fire pits, Jacuzzi jets, pool lights, etc. The goal is to sell the viewers on the 'lifestyle' that comes with this property, not just the living quarters.

Day of the shoot

It is important we maintain ongoing communication leading up to the day of the shoot. I also want to know what you expect from the video, so I can make sure I get footage of the most important features of the property, although I will aim to shoot it all, regardless.

Upon arrival, you do do not have to be there to let me in, so long as the seller is there, and allows me entrance. However, I do not have access to contractors boxes, or key lock boxes. It is always best to notify the seller(s) prior to my arrival, so they have the chance to prep the property for the video, and so they are not caught by surprise when I arrive.

If you are available at the time, and would like to be present during the shoot, it is an added bonus! After all, you are the star of the show! You are the one selling the home, and presenting the opportunity for the house tour to happen. If you wish to add narration to your property video, you are welcome to prepare a short presentation, and I am always ready to capture audio, and work with you to include your on-screen presence. This would be extremely beneficial in setting your listing apart from the competing ones, as most of them are still using slideshow picture presentations. 

Final Product 

Once shot, the turnaround time for having your video ready is within 96 hours. It will often be shorter, and sometimes even within 12 hours! However, due to the occasional technological challenges, and my workload at the time, it will sometimes take up to 96 hours to deliver you the best video possible!

When you have received your finalized cinematic property tour, it is up to you to market your video to the world! I can provide some hand-holding, advice and guidance on where to post your video, and how to get the most attention possible. Consider the mediums of Facebook, Google, Instagram, and of course any of your real estate listing websites. I am here to help you get the best possible results, so always feel free to voice your concerns or ask any questions along the way!

Copyright Disclaimer

Copyright content such as unlicensed music, stock footage, and assets cannot legally live on the internet without legal licensing. Anytime my clients plan to post their media online, I recommend they research copyright restrictions on their preferred platform(s). There are websites that sell assets like stock footage and licensed music tracks that I utilize to ensure my clients have original content they can share online.